Rustic bathroom remodel ideas from Santiago Le Hunte
13.02.2017 13:03

Shower Tiles

Regrout the region if your tile is fine but the grout is discolored or damaged. Keep in mind that if tile is bulging or leaking, there may be more serious issues underneath. In this event, consult with a contractor. You may have to replace the tile.

Vintage-Style Renovation

A brand new renovation is personalized with classic touches. Here, honeycomb tile and new beadboard update the space, while touches of salvaged shelves, old Italian sconces, plus a barber shop cabinet give it character.

Tips on Cast Iron Tubs

Cast-iron replica tubs seem authentically old-fashioned, and you may generally paint the outside to coordinate with your bath's decor. Expect costs to run up to several thousand dollars. Cast-iron tubs can weigh nearly 1,000 pounds when filled with water, therefore before you buy, consult a contractor experienced in installing this kind of bathtub to make sure that your floor can support the weight.

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Save with Salvage

The pedestal sink that is salvaged was a lucky find at an antiques shop in town — as well as a bargain at $75. It supplied the ideal partner to the first tub of the home's. Pedestal sinks are in abundance, but quality changes. Expect to pay from $60 to as much as $2,000 for a spotless vintage example.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas, Remodels & Photos

Bold Blue

Here the nautical palette is reversed: While the fixtures and shower curtain remain white, the walls become a bold blue. Since time is short, a dark wall colour is easier to handle in the bath.

Architectural Details

The rough-hewn wall of this 1825 house was left exposed, to reference the history of the home's. Putting a vintage footed bath in front of the wall makes it a focal point. Painted floorboards and old-fashioned brass floor-mounted pipes (try California Faucets) complete the authentic feeling.

Shaving Bowl

An old shaving bowl from Homer Laughlin was place into a barley table to form a sink in the downstairs bathroom; the pipes is hidden by a table skirt made from heirloom linens.

Shop Smart

This sink was made even more captivating by its initial working faucets with porcelain knobs. To source them after purchase would have been hard, time consuming, and costly.

Copper Bathtub

Homeowners discovered the gleaming copper tub in the master bathtub on eBay.

Glass shower doors - Toronto. Custom frameless & sliding door

Vintage Revival

Subtle touches of pink soften a black and white classic bath.


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